About Us

Founded under the name of İmren Kemer in 1984, our firm has been serving uninterruptedly for 28 years with his experienced and young personnel targeting innovation and continuous growth. Handed down to the 2nd generation as a family business, and developed in a professional structure, the belt-making is always updated through the latest technological innovations.

At the top of the list of the factors determining the management understanding and policy of our firm is to sustain and also develop the quality and performance by meeting the customers’ demands and caring the employees’ and suppliers' needs and demands simultaneously to be permanent and competitive in the market.


Imren Kemer has a mission that is aware of the need for change, develops strategies for growth in its sector in the change process, targets to offer quality not only in the production, but also in design, presentation, marketing, promotion, and after sales, establishes and maintains trust-based relations with its customers and consumers.

Our vision is to meet all our customers’ product and service expectations to world standards in lien with the talents and capacity of our company, increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees, and become distinct in our sector in terms of product and service.